London, UK

Friuliamo is true love for products, tasty food, excellent wine from the North-Eastern side of Italy: Friuli - Venezia Giulia and It’s mostly gluten free too.

At home

Friuliamo is delighted to cook for private dinners, parties, events-any occasion.

What’s special?

Polenta: corn maize cooked in a traditional way, salted boiling water and stir for an hour. Suitable for vegan.
Frico: fusion of Montasio P.D.O. cheese with potatoes and onion, suitable for vegeterian. Grate Taste start winner 2015.
Salami Nostrano cooked with balsamic vinegar and red onion. The above are real traditional dishes. The presentation is just a treat of Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s typical products.

Friuliamo is also available for coorporate events.

If you are curious to taste them in person, please come to find me or contact me.

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